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How to obtain funding

  • Regarding Chairs and Post-Doctoral Fellowships, only research institutions may submit applications ("Call for Applications"). No individual applications will be considered. For more information on our process please view the Requirements for any application page and the How to register an institution page. Please use this search engine to check if your institution is registered and to know who to contact to be able to apply through this institution.

  • We encourage institutions to organise a fair and transparent internal selection process and communicate widely on opportunities offered by the AXA Research Fund, as the number of candidates they can propose is limited.

See an overview of our major funding schemes:

(Research Fellowships)
Number of grants annually given Decision of the Scientific Board
(3 to 5)
About 27 in one wave  Decision of the Scientific Board (1 to 3) Decision of the Scientific Board (1 to 3 for each scheme) 

AXA Chair Position 
(0.5m€ to 2.5m€)

AXA Successional Chair Program
(0.3m€ to 1.8m€)


120 000€ for the entire duration of the 2 year funding Up to 250 000€ From 100 000€ up to 250 000€
Process Application through institution Application through institution Nomination through AXA RF Search Committees Nomination through AXA RF Search Committees
Duration From 5 to 30 years Two year cycle From 1 to 2 years From 1 to 3 years
Max. number of candidates that can be proposed by a single institution per campaign
1 2 NA NA
Host institution needs to be registered Yes Yes NA NA
Pre-selection via the operational contact of the institution  Yes Yes NA NA

Status of the campaign



Initial Procedure

The Institution Representative declares his intent to apply to the AXA Research Fund by email: chairs@axa.com

The Institution Representative states the wish of his institution to take part in the campaign on the AXA Research Fund's application website Search Committee members identify potential beneficiaries and pre-select nominees Search Committee members identify potential beneficiaries and pre-select nominees
Modus Operandi Download Download

Modus operandi

To find out more about the selection process for each type of funding and the dates of our annual funding campaigns, download the modus operandi.

Granted projects

€ 131 million committed, 449 research projects supported in 32 countries, 50 different nationalities.

Find out more about granted projects