Our mission

Ezra Suleiman
« The AXA Research Fund was created to encourage scientific research that would contribute to understanding and preventing environmental, life, and socio-economic risks. »

Prof. Ezra Suleiman
Former President of the AXA Research Fund's Scientific Board

Through research, protection

Protecting its clients and the community from risks is at the core of AXA's purpose.
Convinced that researching today will help better protecting tomorrow, the AXA Group has created the AXA Research Fund in 2007.

Its mission is to boost scientific progress and discoveries that contribute to understand and better prepare against environmental, life and socio-economic risks.

It thus fosters innovative world-class research on those major risks, by:


Providing outstanding researchers with the best possible working conditions

Grantees assessed by well-recognized referees and an independent Scientific Board composed of world class experts

Robust and transparent selection processes


Contributing to the development of highly competitive institutions

Contributing by giving substantial amounts that make a true difference


Boosting a living research community committed to a better understanding of major risks

The results of research are publicly available.

AXA doesn't own intellectual property of research results. The Fund does therefore not launch nor support contractual research, i.e. AXA dedicated business research.

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€ 114 million committed, 410 research projects supported in 30 countries, 49 different nationalities.

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