A dedicated team conveys the AXA Group's commitment to research.


You are interested in Science and Corporate Philanthropy and would like to join the team?
We are regularly looking for new team members and are open throughout the year to applications for apprenticeships, internships and scholars in residence.

Head Office

Christian Thimann

Director of the AXA Research Fund

Mathilde Vachette

Team Assistant

Research & Partnerships Office

Raphaël Gusdorf

Chief Operating Officer

Chaouki Boutharouite

Selection Officer

Julien Desfloquet

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Communications & Community Office

Isabelle Bergeron

Head of Communications & Community (Life)

Anna Jastrzebski

Communications Officer (Socio-Economics)

Noelani MENEI

Communications Officer (Environment)

Justine Tournier

Digital Communications Officer