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AXA Research Fund partner of SciencesPo "Make it Work"

AXA Research Fund partner of SciencesPo "Make it Work" experimental simulation project of COP 21 negotiations

The SciencesPo initiative “Make it Work” is a research project that aims at rethinking and experimenting possible alternative forms of climate negotiations. This simulation project will take place on May 29-31, in Nanterre- Theatre des Amandiers and involve 200 students from Sciences Po and other international universities, will also offer students a dynamic educational and scientific training opportunity. It will be relayed to the COP21 through UNESCO and Laurence Tubiana. 

The AXA Research Fund supports more than 100 independent researchers around the world working climate change related issues. These researchers play a key role in the debate around climate change, as they help advance knowledge and understanding on climate risks, and contribute to awareness raising, assessment and clear decision-making. AXA is proud to be a partner of SciencesPo initiative “Make It Work”, by involving insurance experts and researchers supported by AXA Research Fund into this multi stakeholder experimental project. 

Research today to better protect tomorrow.