Media training session


This November, we gathered 16 of our newest post-doc grantees at AXA’s headquarters in Paris for 3 days of community building and media training.

At the AXA Research Fund, funding Science is not our only mission: we also make a point of helping our researchers get their Science out of the lab! The goal is to encourage them to share their research with a broad, non-academic audience for the benefit of all – and we give them the necessary tools to do so.

In November, we gathered 16 post-doc grantees that were selected in 2017 and 2018, to give them the tools to share their work in an engaging, impacting yet rigorous way. Guided by the Science Communication experts from Agent Majeur, the researchers learned and practiced in 3 days to present their work to any type of audiences in less than 3 minutes.

It was also the occasion for our grantees to learn more about our partnership with the non-profit academic media The Conversation France, where over 20 of AXA RF-supported researchers have published articles aimed at the general public.

The lucky grantees also attended a cooking workshop as a teambuilding activity, to foster collaboration and exchanges among the researchers.

After learning all the ropes to a great science pitch, our grantees had the opportunity to present their research to our Scientific Board first, and then to experts from the AXA community from relevant areas such as health or risk modelling. The goal was to connect the promising scientists to experts who can most benefit from their research, creating synergies between business and science.

Videos of these short pitches are available here.

>> Find more pictures of the event on @AXAResearchFund Twitter profile #ShareYourAXAResearch.