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Looking back, looking forward on 10 years of support to Science

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In 2018, the AXA Research Fund turns 10.

So far, 563 research projects in 35 countries have been funded by AXA’s scientific philanthropy initiative. We support world-class researchers in the best institutions worldwide, but sometimes it can be difficult to show the concrete effects of academic research on key societal issues. Science works at its own pace and sometimes, we don’t even realize the scientific advances that are currently reshaping our world.

In this anniversary film, we wanted to celebrate what was accomplished in those past ten years and show the concrete impact science funded by AXA can have. We look back on the strong partnerships we have built with organizations and academic teams that are as committed to supporting Science and to advancing societal progress as we are.


André Vernay, Human risks programme risk manager at the DGAC (Directorate General for Civil Aviation) explains how he has collaborated with AXA Chair in Neuroergonomics for flight safety’s holder, Prof Frédéric Dehais from ISAE, to incorporate his finding into pilots’ trainings, helping improve flight safety for all.

Lionel Berthet, Head of the Flood forecasting public service of the upper Loire River, details how his team is working closely with AXA Research Fund grantee Dr. Vazken Andreassian from ISAE to create new and improved modelling tools for better flood predictions.

Our institutional partners also intervene to showcase how close ties between organizations championing Science has helped us all achieve concrete impact. 

For instance, Didier Porquery, Managing Editor at The Conversation France underlines that 46 articles by AXA Research Fund grantees had already been published by the The Conversation, an independent, not-for-profit media outlet that helps academics and researchers disseminate their findings by creating engaging scientific content for the general public.

The AXA Research Fund is proud to support research that helps protect the most vulnerable populations. For example, “Thanks to the AXA Research Fund, we have designed a post-doctoral programme focusing on the concepts of risk, humanitarian crises, and health”, explains Virginie Troit, director of the Fondation Croix-Rouge, a branch of the French Red Cross dedicated to supporting humanitarian research.

Discover all the impact testimonies from people who have benefitted from AXA-funded research and from our institutional partners in this inspirational Anniversary film. You can read more about all the projects we support here, and discover engaging content here.