At the onset of the global health crisis, AXA committed 5M€ through the AXA Research Fund to support Science in the efforts to combat Covid-19 and its effects. A first stage of funding was dedicated to initiatives that focus on better understanding the virus and on the development of vaccines and treatments as well as that of the tools to deal with it, such as diagnostic tests and equipment.

In a second stage, the AXA Research Fund launched an exceptional call for research projects related to the effects of COVID-19 with 10 AXA Awards being selected. The new projects explore the impact of lockdowns on mental health and vulnerable populations, early prognostic using machine learning and alternative disease monitoring through wastewaters. Discover below the 10 groundbreaking projects supported by AXA in the fight against Covid-19.

Full release and projects summary


10 new research projects

Mohammed Amidu

Adapting Pandemic Management to Vulnerable Populations

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Gautam Bhan

Delivering Social Protection to Informal Workers: Lessons Learned From COVID-19 Relief Measures in India

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Maria Foraster

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health of Mothers and Newborns

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Santiago Mazuelas

Early Prognosis of COVID-19 Infections Via Machine Learning

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Minca Andreea

Using New Technologies to Fill the Supply Chain Insurance-Reinsurance Gap Post Covid

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Jon Quach

Improving the Mental Health of Young Children After COVID-19

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Joaquim Radua

Coping With the Pandemics: What Works Best to Reduce Anxiety & Depression

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Gianluca Serafini

The Impact of Lockdown on Health & WellBeing of Elderly & Fragile Populations

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Gilles Stupfler

An Extreme Value Model For the Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact, and the Mitigation of Future Related Crises

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Mari Winkler

Better Targeted COVID-19 Disease Management Through Wastewaters Monitoring

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