As our world becomes increasingly volatile with compounding shocks, building societal resilience is a key pillar for a sustainable future. The latest publication from the AXA Research Fund brings together expert perspectives from academia, public organizations, and business around inclusive growth and its role in strengthening societal resilience.

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Chapter 1: Areas of Inequality

This chapter explores some key manifestations of inequality, including left-behind regions, barriers to women’s employment and representation in corporate leadership, informal networks, and intergenerational inequality. They provide insights into the ways in which inequality affects global society and the multi-faceted nature of the issue.

Chapter 2: Policy Responses for a More Inclusive Society

Institutions, including government agencies, NGOs, grassroots organizations, and private enterprises, have the power to promote inclusive growth. These organizations play a crucial role in framing the conversation and pointing society toward a future of greater societal resilience. In this chapter we explore the issues where institutions have a leading role to play in this field.

Chapter 3: The Role of the Insurance Industry in Promoting Inclusion

This chapter explores how insurers can play a role in social inclusion, from providing coverage to emerging markets to addressing protection gaps. Insurers are uniquely positioned to support inclusion and resilience through the development of innovative products, digital health services, and thoughtful investment strategy. These tools not only expand access to and address financial resilience, but in the case of digital health services, contribute to improved health outcomes as well. As such, the industry has ample opportunity to widen the social safety net and reduce inequality.

  • Inclusive Insurance in Emerging and Mature Markets - Garance Wattez-Richard, Head of AXA Emerging Customers
  • A New Approach to Building Robust Health Systems - Eric Comte, Director of the Geneva Health Forum
  • Mitigating Social Inequality and Addressing Protection Gaps - Kai-Uwe Schanz Deputy Managing Director and Head of Research & Foresight, The Geneva Association
  • Making Healthcare Accessible and Sustainable - Sandrine Coulange, Chief Health Officer, AXA Europe & Latin America
  • Investment, Inequality, and Societal Resilience - Gilles Moëc, AXA Group Chief Economist and AXA Investment Managers Head of Research

November 2022