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Long Term Care... Short-term challenges

With the aging of the world’s populations and the frailty of public insurance schemes, financing long-term care is sure to be one of our societies biggest challenges for the decades to come. 

How to define Long Term Care, and what population falls under this category of needs? How will the needs evolve in lights of the current health, social and technological trends? Who will bear the burden, for the informal care and the financing of care ? 

To discuss these short term challenges, academics and AXA experts gathered at the occasion of the first #AXAResearchConference on #LongTermCare on Oct 26, 2016 at the invitation of AXA Group Risk Management teams and the AXA Research Fund.

Retrieve in the booklet attached some articles on some research projects supported by the AXA Research Fund - and access some of them on Scientific American website.

Articles written by Bel Dume.