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Press Release

The AXA Research Fund strengthens its commitment to supporting science

  • A new endowment of EUR 50 million euros over the next 5 years
  • Two new topics in 2018: energy transition and women’s health
  • Accelerated dissemination of scientific research

For the past 10 years, the AXA Research Fund has supported science to further understand risks and better anticipate, mitigate and manage them. After having dedicated EUR 180 million, since 2008, to fund 563 projects in 35 countries, the scientific philanthropy initiative of global insurance leader AXA will receive an additional endowment of EUR 50 million for the next five years. The AXA Research Fund will continue to focus on health, environment, new technologies and socio-economics issues as well as issues related to data and technology, focusing this year on two major priorities for our societies: energy transition and women’s health.

« By contributing to the progress and dissemination of science to address our societies’ challenges, the AXA Research Fund is a key pillar of our corporate responsibility, a vector of AXA’s strategy aiming at offering everyone the means to live a better life», said Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA.

This year, energy transition has been the topic of a specific call for projects, aiming at exploring possible levers towards energy transition: public policies, private-public partnerships, behavioral changes, etc.

« Helping fight against the effects of climate change is a key pillar of AXA’s corporate responsibility. The AXA Research Fund strongly contributes to this goal, having supported more than 86 projects on climate change issues since its launch», Jad Ariss, Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility at AXA, added.

Women’s health is also a growing concern in most countries. It is the topic of a very recent call for projects, which will award grants of up to EUR 125,000.

« Research can play a decisive role in the improvement of women’s specific health conditions and in facilitating their access to health services », said Marie Bogataj, Director of the AXA Research Fund.

 39 new researchers supported this year

The Fund also reaffirms its commitment to helping society progress on key environmental, health, new technologies and socio-economics issues by supporting 39 new researchers this year.

Environmental issues will benefit from significant support, with 15 projects supported in this field, on topics such as resilient cities, the protection of urban infrastructures or seismic risk assessment.

In the health field, 9 projects have been selected on innovative issues such as finding new allergy treatments or better understanding the human genome.

Technological issues such as big data, robotics or artificial intelligence, are being addressed through 5 projects led by researchers working in the best laboratories on topics such as the transparency of algorithms or our interactions with humanoid robots.

Furthermore, 10 new projects, aimed at improving our knowledge in the social and economic fields, have been selected, for example to better understand the impact of FinTechs on our economies.

Promoting the outputs of research

In line with its mission of promoting the dissemination of scientific research for the benefit of most, the AXA Research Fund supports scientists in the promotion and largest possible dissemination of their knowledge. A broad communications campaign will be launched on July 9th in France to raise awareness around the research projects supported by AXA.