[July 21, 2021] The AXA Research Fund has selected 4 outstanding climate researchers for its AXA Award for Climate Science in recognition of their contribution to the understanding of climate change and related adaptation strategies.

In January 2021, the AXA Research Fund issued a call for nominations that resulted in four outstanding scientists selected by the Fund’s independent Scientific Board. The four Awardees are respectively working on advancing the understanding of climate evolution, informing the predictability of occurrence and impact of extreme weather events such as heat waves and storms, describing and mitigating the effects of climate change on inequalities, and promoting more resilient and fairer societies that are better prepared to face future global changes.

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Centering Equity and Environmental Justice in the Context of Climate Adaptation
Investigating Past Abrupt Climate Changes to Understand Causes and Assess Future Predictability
Responding to Climate Change while Advancing Social Justice and Reducing Inequality in Urban Areas
Reducing Climate Variability Uncertainties to Improve Climate Adaptation Strategies