AXA Fellowships



An AXA Fellowship is awarded for a period of 2 years


Up to 125.000€ are allocated. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a carefully calibrated budget


Candidates should be maximum PhD +5 years. Candidates must have already defended their PhD before applying for an AXA Fellowship.

Towards an improved and better supported Mental Health

New call for proposals
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Cyber Risk: Creating a Safer Cyberspace

New call for proposals
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What is an AXA Fellowship?

The AXA Fellowship is a funding scheme aiming at supporting young promising researchers on a priority topic aligned with AXA and the Society. Our support should be transformative for the researcher and the advancement of her/his research field.

Selection rate 2018: 20%



Host institutions must be registered in the AXA Research Fund’s database

Institutions can apply only when a projects call is open. Projects which are not direclty linked to the call for proposals' topics are not eligible.

Institution can present only one candidate for the whole institution (and not one per department, faculty or laboratory)

Institutions hosting an AXA Chair cannot request for an extra Post-Doctoral fellowship for a researcher working on the AXA Chairholder's team.


Candidates should be maximum PhD+ 5 years with proven scientific excellence and high potential for innovation, transformation and dissemination.

Research Program

The research program should demonstrate its scientific originality and innovative nature. Projects selected for funding are expected to start the latest one year after the result's announcement.


Step 1: Expression of interest

Please submit through our online application platform: details about the candidate (birth date and PhD defence date), short CV (3 pages) and research programme's title and description (3000 characters including spaces)

Step 2: Full application

Please submit a full application in English on our partner the European Science Foundation's online platform by the deadline. Access to the platforme will be given to institutions by the ESF.

Step 3: Rebuttal

Candidates will have the opportunity to respond online to the academic experts' comments on their application before their applications are reviewed by the AXA Research Fund.

Step 4: Results Announcement

Results will be displayed on our website and applicants will receive an official communication.

Application Process

  1. Expression of interest

  2. Full application

  3. Rebuttal

  4. Results announcement

For any enquiries, please contact: