Who are we?

The AXA Research Fund is the scientific philanthropy initiative of AXA, the leading insurer, dedicated to supporting research around key societal issues and risks. Our work is based on values of transparency, excellence, relevance, diversity, and the support of a community of researchers that is committed to building solutions towards the best possible future.

Why does AXA support science?

Academic research provides us with the capacity for anticipation, adaptation, innovation, and solution building. To navigate increasingly complex and inter-twined environments and novel risks requires the development and support of the best scientific knowledge and its dissemination towards informing decision-making and the public debate.

What do we expect from supported researchers?

Chairholders are expected to fully commit to their research program for its whole duration and to demonstrate high level of rigor, seriousness, and professionalism. Grantees and their host institutions are expected to update the AXA Research Fund on a regular basis and must submit their activity and financial reports yearly and in due time.


Who can apply?

Our grants are open to all academic institutions and researchers worldwide. Associations, hospitals, foundations, NGOs, governmental bodies, independent research centers, cultural institutions (museums) are not eligible for AXA funding.


How to write an AXA Research Fund grant application?

Read the tips


What is an expression of interest?

An expression of interest provides initial information on the candidate and on the program submitted in the aim of accessing rights to the full application process. The expression of interest is submitted through the AXA Research Fund’s online platform.

Who can submit an expression of interest?

Academic institutions should appoint a single point of contact “Operational Contact” (holding an administrative position within the institution) who will have access to the application platform and who will be able to submit the expression of interest. Candidates cannot submit their expression of interest independently of a host institution.

Who assesses the expression of interest?

Expressions of interest are reviewed by the AXA Research Fund Team and the shortlist for full applications are selected based on the relevance of the topics and the scientific CVs of the applicants.

What is the difference between an expression of interest and a full application?

Only candidates selected following the expression of interest phase can submit a full application which consists of a robust application providing in-depth information on the candidates’ research background and research proposal.

Who assesses the full application?  

Full applications are assessed by a panel of independent experts in a standard peer-review process according to our criteria and the experts’ knowledge.

Who makes the final decision in granting funding?

The final decision in granting funding is made by the AXA Research Fund’s Scientific Board composed of top-tier scientists from a variety of research fields and following a rigorous process of academic pre-screening and peer review. The selection of the research projects is an independent process in which neither the AXA Research Fund nor AXA, interfere.

How many times can institutions apply for an AXA Chair?

Institutions can apply for an AXA Chair each time a new campaign is launched. However, it is not possible to re-apply with the same candidate or research program.

Will I receive feedback on my project if it is not selected?

Whether or not your project has been successful, you will be informed about this decision by email. However, we are not able to provide any feedback on our selection process or decisions.

How will I find out if my project has been granted funding?

An official letter mentioning that you have been selected for an AXA Chair will be sent by email to the dean of your institution. You will be on copy of this email.

How long do I have to accept the grant offer?

For AXA Fellowships: The grant offer is valid for a period of two weeks following the announcement of the results.

For AXA Chairs: The grant offer is valid for a period of 1 month following the announcement of the results.

How is the agreement process initiated?

Once the institution officially accepts the grant and the conditions, the AXA Research Fund and the Institution enter the process of negotiating the agreement.  The AXA grant is officially announced only when the agreement has been signed. The agreement covers the entire duration of the research grant.

When do research projects start?

Projects are expected to start no later than 6 months after the results are announced.