Future Research Leader Fellowships are granted on a regular basis, each time on a different topic.

The current campaign is: “Towards a fair, efficient and sustainable energy transition”, with full applications due on January 15th 2018. All information on the thematic scope and the guidelines are available here.

What are the Future Research Leader Fellowships?

The AXA Future Research Leader Fellowships is a funding scheme aiming at supporting young promising researchers on a priority topic aligned with AXA and the Society. Our support should be transformative for the researcher and the advancement of her/his field.


An AXA Future Research Leader Fellowship is awarded for a period of 2 years.


The AXA Research Fund only partners with academic institutions. Institutions located within countries where the AXA Group has insurance operations are eligible for funding.


Candidates should be of the highest caliber and have demonstrated outstanding research achievements, as evidenced by the usual indicators for assessing academic excellence.

Research program

The research program should demonstrate its scientific originality and innovative nature, and have the potential to contribute to a step change in the considered field. It is the responsibility of the institution to demonstrate the relevance of the proposed research topic to AXA.


It is a requirement that researchers would be proactive in engaging science with society when supported by the AXA Research Fund, and use an open-data framework when applicable.


An AXA Future Research Leader Fellowship is awarded for maximum 125.000€. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a carefully calibrated budget, appropriate for the ambition of the research program and justified in a detailed and coherent manner. No overhead costs can be eligible.


The AXA Research Fund places extremely high importance on the ethics of the work it supports. Programs are required to comply fully with all relevant ethical review processes and for this compliance to be evidenced. Cases of scientific misconduct (such as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism or misrepresentation of data) or of inappropriate behavior towards staff or other parties will be considered as breaches of the Fund’s ethical principles and will be excluded.

Intellectual property

The researcher and the host institution remain fully independent to conduct the Research project. AXA will not claim any right to the ownership or use of the results.