Analyzing the logistics configuration and operation of home medical emergency systems using descriptive and optimization models

Ana Paula iannoni

Nationality Brazilian

Year of selection 2009

Institution Ecole Centrale Paris

Country France

Risk Socio-Economics

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1 year

60000 €

Emergency strategies for emergency situations

An emergency call is received in the middle of the night. The ambulance is on its way. But what would happen if two calls were received at the same time for the same area and only one ambulance was available? Probabilistic aspects have a crucial impact on patients’ lives. That’s why Ana Paula Iannoni is working on a model that can support strategic and operational decisions related, for example, to the location and districting of medical equipment and vehicles. Her research has already drawn the attention of a number of decision makers in the EMS (emergency medical services) industry. Her findings could help them achieve shorter mean response times, fewer lost calls, and better quality of clinical and pre-hospital care. Her work could therefore guide them when making operational and tactical decisions - for instance, in determining the optimal location of ambulances and their respective coverage area.

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