Reasoning in Risky Environments: Fuzzy Logic and Information Fusion

Andrea zemánková

Nationality Slovak

Year of selection 2009

Institution Trinity College Dublin

Country Ireland

Risk Socio-Economics

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1 year

60000 €

Too much information to decide? Rely on an automatic system!

The more information a person has, the better decision he can usually make. Still, today people tend to get lost as they draw in too much information. All this gets even more complicated when considering that emotions also play a key role in decision making.
Thanks to her background in mathematics and her theoretical knowledge of (fuzzy) model properties, Dr Zemánkova is working on risk identification using the Choquet integral – a promising tool capable of allowing different risk factors to interact, instead of just independently being added to one another. This model therefore has the advantage of being closer to reality.
Her research aims to create an efficient automatic system that would not only extract information but also help correctly evaluate such information. Her model should be able to produce a warning when something unusual is about to happen. By exploring the web, historical data could be compared with current opinions and up-to-date financial data, and thus humans could deal effortlessly with risk identification problems.

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