Understand and predict sand and dust storms to manage their impacts upon society and economy

Carlos perez garcia pando

Nationality Spanish

Year of selection 2015

Institution Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Country Spain

Risk Environment


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Sand and dust storms represent a serious hazard for life, health, property, environment and economy in many countries, particularly in some of the least developed ones in North Africa and the Middle East. Airborne mineral dust also plays a significant role in different aspects of weather, climate and atmospheric chemistry. Dust is unique among atmospheric aerosols, as it is both an indicator of past climate variations and an integral contributor to climate change, on time scales ranging from interannual to decadal as well as glacial to geologic. To improve the understanding of sand and dust storms, Dr Pérez García-Pando will lead a multidisciplinary research program at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, an internationally recognized institution in weather, air quality and climate prediction and services at the forefront of supercomputing.
Dr. Pérez García-Pando’s program will enable new knowledge, cutting-edge technology and capabilities to better understand and predict sand and dust storms and their effects, and manage their impacts upon society and economy. His research will allow a better quantification of the effects of dust upon climate, the development skillful model predictions, and the implementation of risk assessment and mitigation strategies in key sectors, including health, energy production, agriculture and transportation. His results are expected to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including health institutions, insurance companies, transportation agencies and energy corporations. His insights may also lead to cutting-edge solutions and technological products that increase society’s resilience to sand and dust storms, reducing their adverse impacts and costs.

Protecting People from Sand and Dust Storms

Titre scientifique : Sand and Dust Storms

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