How does climate change affect the dispersal ability of plant species? A case study of the fine-scale spatial genetic structure of Azorella selago on sub-Antarctic Marion Island

Céline born

Nationality French

Year of selection 2009

Institution Stellenbosch University

Country South Africa

Risk Environment

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1 year

Wind and Dispersal

How does climate change affect seed and pollen dispersal, an essential process for plant reproduction? To gain an in-depth understanding, Dr. Céline Born traveled to Marion Island in the sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean to study Azorella selago, a “keystone” plant species due to its critical importance to ecosystem function. Using the genotyped specimens found on the island, she is studying the impact of wind patterns on pollen dispersal of Azorella. “Our research will be used for the development of a conservation plan for the sub-Antarctic region, which is particularly affected by climate change,” she explained. This data will be used to predict colonization of the plant based on various global warming scenarios.

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