Sustainable Biomass valorisation based on iron catalysed reactions


Nationality Chinese

Year of selection 2011

Institution Université de Rennes 1

Country France

Risk Environment


3 years

120000 €

Green Chemistry

In an effort to design more eco-friendly products, Jianxia Zheng is using green chemistry, an approach that aims to limit or even eliminate the use of hazardous substances. To reach this aim, she is investigating biomass as a viable alternative to petroleum-based products, which are widely used today. “The challenge lies in identifying new chemical reactions that are robust, energy efficient and environmentally friendly,” she explained. “We are therefore exploring new methods based on the use of iron as a catalyst in order to facilitate the conversion of biomass into products of interest.” Today, her efforts are focused on the synthesis of alcohols intended for use in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and cosmetic industries.

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