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Leveraging liquid biopsies for personalised medicine

João miguel alves

Nationality Potuguese

Year of selection 2017

Institution Universidade de Vigo

Country Spain

Risk Health

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

2 years

130000 €

Human cancers display a highly diverse mutational landscape both between and within individual patients. Recognising that traditional tumor biopsies often fail to reflect this heterogeneity, Dr. João Miguel Alvès, of the University of Vigo, Spain, is evaluating the potential of blood-based “liquid biopsies” as a more refined method for cancer diagnosis. More specifically, he aims to investigate how the information derived from tumor cells circulating in the blood stream (CTC) can be used as a prognostic indicator of tumor aggressiveness in colorectal cancer. In exploring the clinical significance of CTCs, his project ultimately aims at paving the way for more precise and more efficient patient-specific therapeutic strategies.