Root reinforcement properties variations at different soil moisture content and impact on slope stability

Marie genet

Nationality French

Year of selection 2008

Institution Université Montpellier 2

Country France

Risk Environment

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1 year


How can we use roots to save human lives? Certainly not by drinking them in weird organic mixtures! Roots save lives by increasing soil strength and preventing shallow landslides. During her postdoctoral research, Dr. Marie Genet investigated how root reinforcement properties were affected by soil humidity. This is a crucial question in the present context of climate change, which infl uences soil moisture content. Yet getting an answer is a challenge because of the diffi culty of sampling root systems. Dr. Genet overcame this diffi culty by collecting a large number of root samples on the fi eld using advanced core techniques. She also conducted various in situ and laboratory measurements to assess soil strength and moisture content. Her results could help engineers design effi cient and sustainable ecological protection against shallow landslides.

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