The formation and maturation of synapses, synaptic plasticity and physiopathological implications

Muna hilal

Nationality Jordanian

Year of selection 2009

Institution Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2

Country France

Risk Health


3 years

The power between your neurons

Contact points between neurons are more important than you may think: numerous brain diseases are linked to their dysfunction. Muna Hilal uses an array of techniques to understand how they work, making new thera-peutic approaches possible.
One of the most important parts of your brain may actually be the synapses, tiny contact points between neurons. In fact, problems here are related, in some way, to most brain disorders.
Hilal studies a protein that seems to be important for developing synapses, regulating them in adults, and for learning and memory as we age. Knowing the fundamental role synapses play in brain activities, she uses a host of innovative methods to understand them, hoping to open the door to important new therapies.

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