Identification of new inhibition mechanisms against viral infections: targeting the conformational transition of the envelope protein leading to virus entry; application to Dengue virus

Nathan desdouits

Nationality French

Year of selection 2011

Institution Institut Pasteur

Country France

Risk Health


3 years

120000 €

A spoke in the wheel of dengue infection

To confront the growing risk of dengue fever, Nathan Desdouits is focusing on the cavities exposed to a viral protein during fusion with human cells. Aiming a drug at these pockets could disrupt fusion and block infection by dengue and similar viruses.
The goal of my research is to identify possible inhibitors of Dengue virus, specifically targeting the envelope protein to block the infection process. Dengue fever is a tropical disease affecting 100 million persons per year, with around 50,000 lethal cases. A strategy designed at the laboratory will be used to identify inhibitors. It focuses on the functional analysis of the target in order to achieve maximal efficacy of the virtual screening process. A list of compounds will be ordered for in vitro testing, and promising ones will be optimized and tested on mices.

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