Assessing the biomedical risk of engineered nanoparticles: understanding the behaviour of nanoparticles in physiological media and cells

Nicole hondow

Nationality Australian

Year of selection 2012

Institution University of Leeds

Country United Kingdom

Risk Health

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

2 years

Nanoparticle attacks!

Nanoparticles are in our daily life. In the food we eat, in sun creams we use, in clothes we wear. Does this mean we are in danger? To assess the risk, Dr. Nicole Hondow is focusing on how cells in our body react to intrusion by nanoparticles, instead of concentrating on nanoparticle toxicity. Despite appearing similar, cells show different levels of sensitivity to particles. Hondow is trying to understand what causes this difference. Her findings may lead to improvements in medical imaging and health care.

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