Ultra-structural changes and trace element / isotope partitioning in calcifying organisms (foraminifera, ostracods)

Nina keul

Nationality German

Year of selection 2009

Institution Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

Country Germany

Risk Environment


3 years


Are you aware that the ocean is getting more acidic? No need to be concerned about swimming in the ocean. Yet this may have serious consequences for corals and plankton! And once again, our carbon emissions are responsible for this problem. Nina Keul investigated to what extent marine calcifying organisms may be affected by ocean acidifi cation. The question is relevant because these tiny organisms play an important role in the marine ecosystem. Ocean acidifi cation may thus indirectly have a major ecological and economic impact. For her study, Keul grew marine calcifi ers in her laboratory and put them under increasing acidic conditions. She was surprised to observe that some species were more tolerant of acidic conditions than expected, depending on the way they calcify. Yet, this should not dissuade us from reducing our carbon emissions!

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