Tracking intracellular nanoparticle dynamics and cytotoxic/epigenetic signatures both in vitro and in vivo using advanced cytometry and multimodal imaging

Oscar silvestre

Nationality Portuguese

Year of selection 2011

Institution NIBIB

Country United States

Risk Socio-Economics

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

2 years

120000 €

Nanoparticles interact with our cells

The frequent questions about nanoparticles are: can they be useful for us and are they toxic? Dr. Oscar Silvestre is testing the therapeutic potential of nanoparticles to treat cancer and their influence on cell function, detectable through gene expression, but also the influence of cells on these nanoparticles. Thanks to advanced tumor imaging and biological analysis, this study evaluates the application of nanoparticles in tumor therapy and may help predict eventual long-term health risks of their use.

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