Categorical Quantum axiomatics

Raymond lal

Nationality British

Year of selection 2008

Institution University of Oxford

Country United Kingdom

Risk Socio-Economics


3 years

The revealing power of categories

Wondering how to describe quantum teleportation? One solution, explains Raymond Lal, is “category theory”: “This novel, mathematically abstract view of quantum information, which I am helping to develop, uses certain category-theoretic methods to describe features of quantum information theory such as quantum teleportation and entanglement-swapping.” Category theory is fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, with implications that go far beyond quantum information. Scientists working in areas as diverse as theoretical computer science and quantum gravity are using it to reveal their fields’ underlying structures. “These unexpected research opportunities are perfect illustrations of category theory’s power,” Lal says. “It makes it possible to draw similarities and inspiration from formal system approaches in other fields.” Researchers who study causal structure in physical theories, or who require such a notion in their study on quantum protocols, might benefit from his research.

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