Investigating the effects of climate change on habitat connectivity and gene flow between populations of marine top predators using landscape genetics

Ruth fernández-garcía

Nationality Spanish

Year of selection 2011

Institution University of Copenhagen

Country Denmark

Risk Environment

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

2 years


Climate change affects biodiversity. Species migrate to areas where the climate suits them, which may isolate groups of populations, reduce their genetic diversity and ultimately lead to their extinction. Negative effects on biodiversity could in turn have economic consequences. In marine zones, cetaceans, which control the distribution of many fish species, seem particularly at risk. To what extent will they be affected? During her postdoctoral research, Dr. Ruth Fernández-García will focus on the fate of two cold-water species of dolphins living in different environments. She will try to predict their future distribution by combining climate and habitat modeling and will investigate genetic variations caused by environmental change. Her research may then be extended to other species, including fish species of commercial importance.

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