Anaïs Boué

Nationality French
Year of selection2011
InstitutionUniversite de Savoie (Chambery)
RiskEnvironmental risks

Type of support


Granted amount

120 000 €


3 years


You have one explosive message on your voice mail! Is it from your boss? No, it's from a volcano. You may not know it, but volcanoes emit complex signals akin to human voices. Interpreting their messages will be the exciting challenge of Anais Boué. Her innovative idea is to adapt methods initially developed for voice recognition devices to decipher volcanic signals recorded by seismometers. Using these methods, she hopes to be able to distinguish signals of different source origins like magma ascent for instance, which would give precursory tools for the prediction of eruptions.
Boué will work on developing software that could be delivered to volcanologic observatories. Improved predictions of eruptions might then allow more efficient evacuation strategies and help reduce the number of fatalities due to eruptions.

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