Nationality French
Year of selection2009
InstitutionUniversité de la Méditerranée
RiskLife risks

Type of support

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Granted amount

29 107 €


1 year

New Perspectives for the Use of Adult Stem Cells in Neural Disease

The discovery of stem cells in the adult brain has triggered new hope for replacing neurons in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease. However, compared to the embryonic kind, adult neural stem cells (NSCs) multiply less and can mature into fewer cell types. Dr. Maurange’s work sheds light on the signals regulating an adult NSC’s fate. If this control system can be unraveled, the manipulation of adult stem cells to effectively treat neurodegenerative disorders may, indeed, prove possible.

In his own words

My research focuses on adult neural stem cells (NSCs) and, specifically, their use in treating age related neurodegenerative diseases, via the induced regeneration of lost neurons. The therapeutic use of the NSCs will require an understanding of how their potential/plasticity is regulated. I use Drosophila as a model system.

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