Nationality French
Year of selection2008
InstitutionEcole Polytechnique
RiskTransversal risks

Type of support

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Granted amount

60 000 €


1 year

Taking aim at tumors

Radiation therapy using X-rays to kill cancer cells has disadvantages, like the inability to penetrate very far into the body. Dr. Cédric Thaury is working on alternatives: beams of high-energy particles—electrons or protons—that are fired at a tumor to destroy the cancerous cells. He is developing new tools, based on laser-plasma interaction, to produce and control these beams for precise, effective treatment of tumors with fewer side effects. Developing less costly systems would also allow for greater use of these therapies.

Scientific title: Theoretical study of plasma expansion into a vacuum and of the acceleration of high energy ion beams during the interaction of a high intensity laser with a plasma

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