Nationality French
Year of selection2011
InstitutionESPCI PariTech
RiskLife risks

Type of support


Granted amount

120 000 €


3 years

The Bone Whisperer

As life expectancy steadily increases so do osteoporosis-related risks. Fabien Mézière is currently developing a highly original tool for early diagnosis in elderly populations - the best way to prevent fractures and their complications. Innocuous, inexpensive and non-invasive, ultrasounds seem perfect for such diagnoses. However, they are not well-suited to the analysis of bone structures. Using a combination of experimental, theoretical and numerical methods, Fabien Mézière is creating a model for ultrasound propagation in bones. This will provide an understanding of how ultrasound waves spread, first in 3D-printed bones, then in real bones. The model will allow early detection of lesions and porosity in patients’ bones. Once adopted by medical practitioners, an ultrasound-based diagnosis system could help better manage prevention in patients at risk, thus avoiding a great deal of pain, crippling effects and health-care expenditure.

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