Joaquim PINTO

Year of selection2014
InstitutionKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
RiskEnvironmental risks

Type of support


Granted amount

1 800 000 €


13 years

AXA Chair in Regional Climate and Weather Hazards
The AXA Chair in Regional Climate and Weather Hazards at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) aims at enhancing our understanding of environmental risks related to extreme weather events (EWE) affecting Europe (e.g. windstorms, floods, cold and heat waves, storm surges). Research in the program will focus on (i) a better understanding of physical processes leading to the occurrence of EWE, (ii) a better understanding of natural climate variability of the frequency and intensity of EWE, (iii) the development of adequate projections of possible changes in EWE frequency and intensity at regional scales and (iv) a risk assessment of EWE impacts under recent and future climate conditions. Particular attention will be paid to links between the weather, climate and risk assessment perspectives associated with EWE. This knowledge will enable strengthening collaborations to insurance industry, providing knowledge transfer in both directions to reach a better understanding of risk associated with weather hazards. The AXA Chair program is fully aligned with KIT’s long-term research strategy and will strengthen KIT’s international standing. The Chair program builds on existing infrastructure and research groups, and uses synergies to advance understanding of environmental risks, making KIT an ideal institution for this kind of research in Europe.