Katrina BROWN

Nationality British
Year of selection2013
InstitutionUniversity of Exeter
CountryUnited Kingdom
RiskEnvironmental risks

Type of support

AXA Outlooks

Granted amount

300 000 €

Research Outline

You, Me and Our Resilience: Cross-cultural Insights on Resilience, Poverty and Climate Change
Climate change is not experienced in isolation. It coincides and collides with other underlying risks and uncertainties that define the lives of poor communities.

Professor Brown will work in partnership with a Kenyan Charity, S.A.F.E. Kenya to involve communities from coastal Kenya to Southwestern UK. Using participatory drama she will facilitate their shared experiences of coping with, and building resilience to extreme weather events.
Emphasizing cross-cultural learning, she will bring in researchers, inform policy making and help shape risk analysts perspectives in order to identify appropriate mechanisms to support and empower poor communities.

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