Nationality Japanese
Year of selection2009
InstitutionEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
RiskLife risks

Type of support


Granted amount

120 000 €


3 years

TGR5: a new target to treat atherosclerosis?

As the population becomes older, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases increase. Dr. Mitsunori Nomura has studied the role of the bile acid membrane receptor TGR5 in macrophages and its therapeutic potential to prevent atherosclerosis.
My research focuses on the impact of TGR5 (G protein-coupled cell-surface receptor) on atherosclerosis, by determining the relevance of TGR5 signaling in macrophages. If confirmed, the results of my project may open new ways for therapeutic strategies that target TGR5 to prevent atherosclerosis.

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