Focus on our projects around preserving coral reefs to protect coastline, turning waste into energy source and making cervical cancer detection widely available.

It was the challenge of the 15 AXA grantees who came from all over the world to attend an AXA Research Fund media training session at AXA’s global headquarter.

Objectives: to share the research with a wider audience and inform decision making by honing their communication skills.

Thanks to a three-day media training programme, 15 of our Post-Doctoral Fellows were asked to prepare an "elevator pitch" for their project, linking it to one of the UN Social Development Goals. They then attended the AXA Meets Science Conference to share their research with a broader public and AXA audience, all in 3 minutes.

More about Dr Kyle Morgan's project


More about Dr Dunsin Arodudu's project


More about Dr Serap Aksu's project


At the AXA Research Fund, funding Science is not our only mission: we also make a point of helping our researchers get their Science out of the lab.

So we encourage them and give them the means to share their research with a broad, non-academic audience for the benefit of all.


Towards timely and quality access to emergency obstetric care in Africa | Dr Aduragbemi Banke Thomas
Invasive seaweeds: can commercial harvesting be a win-win solution? | Dr Marianela Zanolla
Climate change: can plankton save the day? | Dr Jamie Wilson
Coral reefs survival: learnings from the Red Sea | Dr Romain Savary
Microplastics: their role in the spread of antibiotic resistance | Dr Maria Belén Sathicq
Costal vulnerability: can "urban" coral reefs keep up with sea level rise? | Dr Kyle Morgan
Developing clean energy in Africa: the importance of remote communities buy-in | Dr Jiska De Groot
Waste-to-energy: assessing the potential of bioenergy in Nigeria | Dr Dunsin Arodudu
Nanotechnology: a portable device against cervical cancer | Dr Serap Aksu
Domestic violence against women: giving friends and relatives the keys to help | Dr Alison Gregory
Towards healthier culinary practices among overweight Ghanaian women | Dr Hibbah Osei-Kwasi
Setting girls on a healthy diet trajectory from an early age | Dr Megan Jarman
Improving maternal health by reducing pregnancy-related low back pain | Dr Nina Goossens