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Supporting science to help our wishes come true

Watch the TV Spot

We all have different wishes for the future. At AXA, we believe that science is essential to help make them come true. That is why 10 years ago the AXA Research Fund was created out of the deep conviction that science is key to tackle tomorrow’s pressing challenges and empower people to live better lives.

In 2018, the AXA Research Fund turns 10.

10 years that AXA’s scientific philanthropy initiative has been supporting academic research to help improve the conditions of our lives and environment.

10 years of helping boost more than 563 projects, led by top-tier scientists of 58 nationalities in 35 countries, through over €180 million of support.

10 years of contributing to societal progress, encouraging supported researchers to share their work with the public, making their science accessible and useful for a broad audience

To celebrate 10 years of support to science and the upcoming ones, the AXA Research Fund decided to address the public directly with a plural-voices film, showcasing the wishes of people from all over the world, to share our vision and encourage everyone to learn more about the research projects we support.

In English, French, Japanese and Spanish, these wishes illustrate the diversity of the research topics we support around the world, in 4 areas: environment, health, new technologies and socio-economics.

Each of these wishes echoes real, concrete projects that we support.  Some of these projects are illustrated through the short videos here.

Watch the long version below: