The campaign is now closed.

Who is eligible for the Grant?

Any person having received an AXA Research Fund grant can apply to the AXA Scientific Outreach grant under the following conditions:
Your current activity is - or is closely related to - the research project you have been awarded for by AXA Research Fund.
It is being carried out within an academic institution, be it or not the same as for the AXA project.
Submission of proposal for an AXA Scientific Outreach Grant should take place at least six months after the beginning of your AXA granted research project

What kind of projects can receive support?

MOOC, video, blog, comics, exhibition or master class.. your dissemination project can take many forms, as long as it is designed for and understandable by a non-academic audience.

What makes a winning project?

The proposed project should serve an engagement objective, and provide evidence based informative content, interesting to the audience.
The project should preferably be designed in English, or allow for an English adaptation.
Ability to be shared digitally, to reach a broader target, is a plus, as well as Innovativeness and attractiveness of formats.
The onboarding of your institution Communications Team is strongly recommended.

How does the funding work?

Funding will be granted based on the budget, and shall not exceed euros 40 K€ (forty thousand Euros) all taxes included.
Please note that we do not allow any management costs on this funding.
As for the AXA Research grant, the funding for the Outreach Grant will be paid through your institution, who will sign a partnership agreement the AXA Research Fund.
Payment of 50% will take place at the signature of the convention, and 50% when the project is delivered.
A report will be asked following completion of the project. Depending on duration, a light interim report might be asked

How does the selection take place?

Following a first review by AXA Research Fund Communications team, the proposal will be reviewed for recommendation, by an ad-hoc committee composed by 4 members representative of AXA Research Fund team, AXA Communications team, and a relevant AXA company. Following the selection phase, all the stakeholders will be implied in the promotion of the selected initiative.
The Head of the AXA Research Fund, Ulrike Decoene, will then validate the selection, together with Prof Thomas Kirkwood, Head of the AXA Research Fund Scientific Board.

How to apply? What is the timeline?

The first period for applications starts on July 1st and closes on Dec 31st. The campaign is now closed.
Applications should be sent to:
The main output of the project should happen less than a year after the proposal has been accepted.
Announcement of the decision should be made within 6 weeks following receipt of the proposal.

Call for application