Coasts play a central role in our societies and yet, because of climate change, they are now at greater risk or erosion and flooding. In this masterclass, Prof. Mike Beck explores the superpower of nature, especially reefs and wetlands, to help protect coastal communities from climate change.

Get familiar with mangroves, marshes and oyster reefs to build climate resilience.

What you will learn

  • How we're destroying natural ecosystems like marshes, mangroves, and coral reefs
  • Why nature is our greatest ally to protect our coasts
  • The importance of investing in green (vs grey) infrastructure solutions
  • Why Nature Capital Accounting should be the next big thing
  • How to use flumes and video games to visualize risks

The masterclasss in 3 main chapters

Chapter 1 00:05:00
The vulnerability of the coasts
1.1 The rapid loss of coastal habitats | 1.2 Coasts are facing growing natural disasters
Chapter 2 00:07:00
Adapting to climate change thanks to nature-based solutions
2.1 Wetlands protect people and property | 2.2 Reefs break big waves
Chapter 3 00:13:00
Solutions to develop resilience
3.1 We can reduce risks by investing in nature-based solutions | 3.2 Including environmental assets in national economic accounting | 3.3 Insuring nature as an asset | 3.4 Rethinking public and private infrastructure investments