Only 6% of CEOs of large companies worldwide are women.

While much progress has already been made in reducing gender inequality, there is still a long way to go. Income, child penalties and discrimination: women still have to fight on many fronts. Yet research has shown that solutions do exist and can be easily implemented.

Alongside Anne Boring, discover how we could close the remaining gaps.

What you will learn

  • Why do gaps persist in business
  • The differences between men's and women's choices of studies and professions, and the reasons for these differences
  • The impact of gender bias and stereotypes
  • What policies and measures are effective in closing the gaps

The masterclass in 3 chapters

Chapter 1 00:06:40
An alarming observation
1.1 Gender inequality is still prevalent in the business world | 1.2 We’re lacking female leaders and entrepreneurs
Chapter 2 00:08:00
The main obstacles to female entrepreneurship and leadership
2.1 Higher education reinforces the gender gap | 2.2 The impact of parenthood on careers | 2.3 Lack of diversity in workplace cultures
Chapter 3 00:06:00
Help women rise to the top
3.1 Accelerating gender equality with effective policies | 3.2 What firms can do to make real progress on diversity